Mr. Hannes
2 min readDec 18, 2020

COLX coin, dead or gem? Frozen solid or hibernating? Many projects are in the same boat so why should COLX stand out? Only time will tell if it was time well spend!

How do you get to buy a certain low cap coin? Everybody has there own story and the idea is the same: buy a lot for a few sat each and cash out when it moons. I read a post on Steemit about the re-branding of a coin called CV2. It caught my attention and I stepped in. This was July 2017, the month Trump was wrestling with CNN.

CV2 swapped to COLX and news died down quickly back to 1-2 sat/coin. I traded a bit on Novaexchange and increased my bag, kinda forgot about it untill BTC happened! ATH to $20K, beat that gold!

Out of nowhere COLX became the talk of town in the trollbox of Coinsmarkets exchange. A blessing and a curse as it turned out. The beginning of 2018 was a strange one. All of a sudden my bag mooned big time, up to 120sat/coin. My plan worked! But I got greedy and forgot the big finale: to cash out! Instead I became the 'helpdesk' in the Telegram group, setting up wallets for new members on there Mac's. Trees grow to heaven, right?

Wrong, slowly over the months the hype died down and it became more and more clear I fucked up. The bottom went always deeper than predicted. But in the Telegram group something else happened. A few folks stepped up and took the wheel. Wallets got created, updates got done, bugs got fixed, exchanges added, website updated, roadmaps created and even a long term vision for COLX transpired: GRID computing. The one Telegram group I never left was COLX.

There was also enough COLX drama with exchanges hacked and exit scams. Lots of hodlers learned valuable lessons: not you keys, not your coins! Price plummeted due to big bags of stolen COLX being dumped. Still the community stayed positive. With minimum funding the core team dedicated free time to set and achieve goals.

And here I am, 2020, BTC nearing a new ATH. What about COLX? Lots of stuff happening behind the scenes, slow and steady. Registered US company, tradable on exchanges, solid team and down to 1-2sat. Sounds familiar?

Only time will tell if it was time well spend.