Generate Passive Income with a Crypto Masternode. This one will Generate a Minimum of 0,018 BTC Annually.

Mr. Hannes
2 min readJan 18, 2021


The world is changing fast these days. Most people are used to a sense of security in one way or another. A steady job with a salary that pays the bills every month.

But what if your job security is just an idea in your mind, but in reality you could loose it any minute? And what if that salary, which pays all the bills, becomes worth less and less due to the constant money printing machines? Maybe it’s time to look for alternatives. Why work for money if you could let your money work for you? And the outcome is in a currency thats not inflation dependent!

ColossusXT (COLX) Masternodes will give you 0,018 BTC annually for every satoshi its worth. Let me explain.

First of all lets check out ColossusXT. Their blockchain is up and running since mid 2017. It has a very good stability track record. There is a dedicated team behind this project. They are not spoiled by big money resulting from an ICO or IEO. It’s all done with minimum budget and lots of passion. They have a clear vision of the future of ColossusXT.

Secondly their Masternodes: To start one, a collateral of 10.000.000 COLX coins is needed. This is the initial investment. The current market price is setting the cost in fiat. So you have to go to an exchange and buy 10M COLX coins. Early birds with some guts are the moneymakers. When the price is still low and the future of a coin is bright, you have to think about taking a chance.

Setting up a Masternode is fairly easy. You transfer the 10M COLX coins to their desktop wallet and use a service provider to setup your node. They provide you with a step-by-step tutorial. If you encounter issues, there is always the COLX telegram where the dev’s are happy to help.

At the moment the price of a COLX coin is between 1 and 2 Sat. Your Masternode will generate 1.888.000 COLX coins every year. So thats 0,018 Bitcoin for every satoshi COLX is worth. This seems low but look at it differently: Now is the time to set one up, COLX price is low. The time to harvest is in the future. COLX has seen a highs of over 100 sat.

The future looks bright for crypto. The total market cap of crypto is rising fast. Fiat money is worth less and less. Folks are searching for decentralised systems. Take back your own power. This is the time to make your money work for you!