Overunity Altcoin COLX, get more out then you put in.

Mr. Hannes
2 min readDec 20, 2020


The ultimate dream of many backyard and garage inventors is to make a working prototype of an overunity generator. Challenge the laws of physics and science and get more energy out of a device compared to what you put in. The established science community and government bodies are doing there thing: first ignore, then laugh, next is to fight and last…. Will we ever get to the point where we can harvest zero-point energy? Or are we already there but is this the ‘fight’ part? Just imagine, no more oil wars and decentralized energy for everyone. The consequences are unimaginable.

There are many paralells between the energy and crypthocurrency. It all started with a few cypherpunks challenging the established financial institutions with a decentralized currency. They all ignored it at first, then laugh and now they fight it. It only took 10 years to get to this point.

Why did this go so fast for cryptho compared to energy? I think this generations starts to understand the power of open source decentralized information. I hope this was the vision of Satoshi.

And how does overunity fit in with crytho? I am not sure. Right now we are mostly following the old finance tracks with exchanges where so many loose so some can win. Abundance for everyone, energy and financial wise. Or maybe just one of these will trigger the other. Sounds better, right?

I was going to write this piece to promote an altcoin called COLX but i realize this will also cause winners and loosers. I was raised with Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, strong over weak. Just looking back at the last 100 years what this attitude brought us, i don’t buy it anymore. With our extraordinary capabilities of intuition, empathy and love we can reach so much more. I wish all colx hodlers abundance and if we all pull together it can become an overunity system!

disclaimer: I meant to write a solid story but there were too many other option.